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  • Very good product. I take it 3 times throughout my day and feel more energized

    Joana Doe
  • This has been the best product for my allergies and excess mucus. My skin has also seen improvement, love the way my skin feels. When the bottle was finished you can definitely notice the difference. I will be a lifetime customer.

    Yolanda Washington
  • I heard lots of good things about Cordyceps so I ordered this bottle. I followed the instructions taking 2 capsules per day for about 7 days. It does smell good.

    Stephany Le
  • I takes Moringa every morning and evening with a half of tea spoon. I feel good with this because of pain relief. I recommend it to several friends. They said to me good, too. I appreciate.

    Pamela Doe
  • I always wanted to try this product with turmeric and when I found this one from balance genics I was excited and bought it and it was great for what I was looking for. great, I recommend

  • TURMEDIC A must have supplement at my household! I notice an incredible difference when I take it vs. when I don’t. I don’t feel bloated in the mornings (like I normally do) and my digestion is so much better! Can’t live without this stuff!

    Richard Han


CORDYCEPS SPECIAL 95s & MORINGA 950 adaptogen supplements and superfoods to make you stronger, smarter and happier. We make you better.



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